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Build PHP microservices and web applications in minutes!

Fully compliant with PSR-15 and PSR-7 standards.

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Install Using Composer

Run this command in the terminal:

$ composer create-project zendframework/zend-expressive-skeleton <path>

where <path> is the folder to install.

If you don't have Composer, you can install it for Linux / Unix / OSX or Windows.


Expressive offers multiple features:

PSR-15 and PSR-7

Create middleware applications, using as many layers as you want! 100% compliant with PHP-FIG standards.


Route requests to middleware using the routing library of your choice.

Dependency Injection

Make your code flexible and robust, using the dependency injection container of your choice.


Create templated responses, using a variety of template engines: Plates, Twig, zend-view, and more.

Error handling

Handle errors gracefully, using templated error pages, whoops, or your own solution!

Open Source

Released under the New BSD License, you can use it commercially!


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